Permanent makeup for eyebrows can be very versatile with artists able to use 2 or even 3 techniques to customize a look for a client.  At the end of the day, many clients want the most natural look achievable.  As skin type and condition will always dictate the best treatment for each client, a hair stroke brow is the closest to all natural as one can get. 

Hair stroke brows, sometimes called digital hair stroke brows or digital microblading, achieve much the same look as microblading does.  The difference is in the tool used to implant the pigment and quite often the final look of the individual brow hairs.

For example, a very common term for hair stroke brows is “nano brows”.  What is meant by this is that the artist uses a state-of-the-art, powerful tattoo machine affixed with the finest of tattoo needles to achieve ultimate precision.  Each hair stroke is methodically and carefully etched into the client’s skin and due to this select needle configuration, hair strokes appear very crisp and delicate.  By using a very thin needle, it is possible to build a hyper-realistic brow that is barely distinguishable from the real thing.


Hair stroke brows can be entirely “created” where no eyebrow hair currently exists, or can be added to existing sparse brows to build dimension and fullness.  A hair stroke brow is often, but not always, combined with another technique, such as a powder brow.

The advantage of a hair stroke brow completed with a tattoo machine is in the way the machine implants ink into the skin.  With the needle moving in and out hundreds of times per second,  each individual brow hair is securely set and lasts longer than microblading, which does not involve a machine at all.

As with all permanent makeup treatments, an initial session of about 2 to 2.5 hours is followed by approximately 5 to 8 weeks’ healing time during which the client is to follow careful after-care.  A perfection session is completed thereafter to finalize the look by adding and/or adjusting as required.  Depending on skin condition, sometimes a client may need to return for a second top up session.