Permanent makeup has always been an ideal solution for busy people who prefer to wake up with makeup.  However, it is also known to help clients get back what once was in earlier years. 

In the case of our lips, for example, the contour, also known as the vermillion border, tends to become less defined as we age.  Perioral lines develop from steady movement and cause lipstick to bleed downward and upward into them.  Of course it cannot go without mention that lipstick itself often contains toxic ingredients like certain dyes, parabens and preservatives.   Lastly, often what used to be pink healthy tissue has turned whitish or patchy making the lips look smaller and adding to the aged appearance.

A lip tattoo is a long lasting solution to all of the aforementioned concerns and many more.  Asymmetrical lips can be corrected with lip tattoo and uneven patches can be smoothed.


A lip tattoo treatment encompasses many possibilities such as a defined lipstick look, a lighter looking lip blush also known as airbrushing, an ombre look wherein the vermillion border is tattooed  darker and gradually fades in intensity toward the opening of the mouth,  as well as a simple tattooed lip contour or lip liner which assists in eliminating the whitish areas helping to make it easier to apply a favourite colour.  

The lip tattoo treatment involves a full consultation to ensure client candidacy—for example, a history of cold sores will require preparation and strict post-care.  The artist and client work together to outline the lip contour and address any asymmetry.  The artist is careful to make the client comfortable with topical anaesthetic and continues to do so throughout treatment .  With expert application it is not uncommon for clients to doze off. 

As a lip tattoo treatment will fade between 50 and 70 percent post-procedure, the target colour must be carefully selected to factor this.  A lip tattoo treatment can take slightly longer than eyebrows as lip tissue is delicate and different from the rest of the skin on the face.   

A perfection session is important to ensure full coverage and to address any rare imperfections.  Often no extra work is required.  Thereafter, the client can expect to enjoy their lip tattoo for 3 or more years, with annual colour boosts always recommended.