While many anti-aging laser treatments are effective, they do come with a fairly hefty price tag.  Often they are painful, even with topical anaesthetic, and down time is significant.  While micro needling has been performed for decades it has gained in popularity as scientific research has shown that excellent results can be achieved, on par with lasers.  Moreover microneedling is non-ablative and is associated with little to no downtime.  It is also very affordable.

It is recognized that inducing controlled dermal wounds to the areas of concern stimulates a healing cascade and results in the generation of healthy new collagen, the protein responsible for youthful vibrant skin.  The skin is an extraordinary organ that is in a constant state of regeneration.  When injured it repairs itself, as we see when a scar forms.

When micro needling is performed, controlled micro punctures are created at a specific depth of the skin with the use of a powerful, high-end device.  The result is the healthy rejuvenation of damaged, photo-aged, loose skin.  Science is showing that deeper skin treatments do not necessarily lead to better results.  In fact, it has been recently found that shallower micro punctures lead to a more sustained improved appearance, where greater depth and damage shows results via inflammation and not necessarily improved skin health.


Clinical micro needling, done by a skilled beauty technician or aesthetician once per month for up to 6 sessions, combined with home care has been shown to substantially soften even deep wrinkles and tighten skin.

Micro needling can be done anywhere on the body to address stretch marks, revise scars,  and even target difficult conditions such as acne, rosacea, melasma and hair loss. A micro needling session involves a cleansing and exfoliation of the treated area.  A topical anaesthetic is applied, though treatment is quite comfortable compared to lasers.  The technician sets the device to the correct depth and then methodically stamps or glides the device to create erythema (redness) and minor pinpoint bleeding.

A session may last about an hour and the micro punctures close within an hour, making the occurrence of infection exceedingly rare, which is especially important to immune compromised clients who are candidates for micro needling.  A session can be done over a lunch hour and redness subsides within a day or two.  Makeup can be applied the next day.  One of the biggest advantages to micro needling is that it can be used in combination with powerful treatment serums for optimal absorption and efficacy.