Botched permanent makeup whether brows, eyeliner or lips can be corrected to a degree.  A poorly healed set of eyebrows may be the result of bad work,  the result of poor after-care, or due to an underlying health condition.   

It is for this reason a good establishment asks so many questions ahead of doing a permanent makeup treatment.   If removal or lightening is not necessary, a colour correction can be performed followed by a more desirable colour tattooed over the area.

Colour corrections are often not the result of bad work, but are required nonetheless if aged permanent makeup procedures have discoloured and no longer look as they should.


Sometimes eyeliner isn’t expertly applied and requires a steady hand to straighten and/or even out the work on either or both eyes.

Lastly, if a lip tattoo has healed poorly with uneven patches or was applied improperly  from the start, an adjustment can be made to smooth the colour or align both sides of the lips to match.

All corrections are within reason and the benefits of every case must be weighed against the potential risks.  Trust is key, as is a plan.  With tattoo some very remarkable corrections have been accomplished and if your concern is not covered in this section, never be afraid to enquire.

All tattoo and permanent makeup artists are tightly connected and engaged in continuous learning, so help is likely available, if not here then somewhere else that can be trusted.