Saline tattoo and permanent makeup lightening and removal is considered very safe and suitable for all skin tones and tattoo colours.  Saline removal is less likely than laser removal to cause any pigmentation issues, though this can still occur with this modality, so clients must be advised of all potential downsides.

Saline removal is colour blind and can therefore be accomplished with ink colours that a laser device will cause reaction to.

The safety of this method rests in the solution itself.  Hypertonic saline will not cause a skin reaction unless underlying health issues are not disclosed.  Top quality saline removal solutions typically include skin calming and healing agents for the best possible results.

Just as with laser tattoo removal, several sessions will be required with mitigating factors being tattoo age and saturation level.   Saline removal or lightening is not ideal for large tattoos since each treatment session can only cover a  2 to 3 inch square area of skin at maximum.


The removal technician uses a state-of-the-art tattoo machine with a needle attachment selected to be most appropriate for the area to be treated.  The solution is tattooed into the skin and through the process of osmosis, the cells holding the tattoo molecules are permeated just enough to permit the ink to be pulled out and upward to the surface of the skin.

The resulting scab is critical to the removal process.  If the tattoo contained a lot of green, for example, the scab itself will have a metallic looking green tinge.  This is the visible combination of dried blood and tattoo ink, so you can actually see the removal occurring.

Skin heals itself over time, so well after treatment osmosis and the healing process continue.  The scab must be kept dry and clean and must come away from the skin naturally—therefore, picking or scratching will affect results.  The reason only small areas can be treated at one time is due to the need for each area to begin healing while also avoiding infection.  It is for the same reason that tattoo artists will not do a large tattoo in a single session.  

All respectable removal technicians prioritize client safety and the integrity of the skin.    Separate areas of the tattoo can be treated weekly or bi-weekly, but one treated area cannot undergo another session for at least 6 weeks, sometimes longer depending on client health and skin condition.  Once the scab comes away, good quality post care is essential to support tissue health.  Saline removal works exceptionally well on eyebrow permanent makeup and, with skilled technicians, eyeliner as well.